Workplace Massage Therapy for Employees

How can Massage Therapy in the workplace help employees?

Along with stress, back-related illness is becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace. Long, desk-bound hours, along with increasing competition and tighter deadlines, have had a negative effect on employee’s health. Stress-related headaches, neck strain, tight shoulders and lower back ache have become all too familiar companions for too many of us. The British put in more hours than anyone else in Europe (an average of 47 a week for men and 43 for women). A recent survey showed that these long hours are putting unprecedented strain on our personal lives, affecting our sleep and causing us to loose contact with our friends.

“Stress had become a primary reason for absence from work, costing British business £10.2 billion per annum, with an estimated 200 million days lost through sickness absence”
(Confederation of British Industry)

As working hours continue to encroach on our leisure time, more and more companies are providing in-house solutions. Massage at work (‘On-Site Massage’) was first introduced in the mid-1980’s and is designed specifically to address these problems. The massage uses acupressure points to stimulate the meridian system and removing stagnant or overactive energy to allow the client to become more balanced.   Physically it may help to improve the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems; increasing vitality while at the same time reducing blood pressure.

Mentally it wmay help to clear the mind and increase focus and attention to detail. Regular treatments can help stimulate optimistic and creative thinking
More and more companies are discovering for themselves the benefits of providing regular treatments for their employees:

“A study, published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, found that people who regularly received massage at work were more alert, were faster and more accurate on math computations, and had lower blood pressure.”

Treatments available in the workplace
Chair Massage
A seated massage of the neck, back, head and arms. No oil is used and the massage is given through clothing in a specially designed ergonomic chair. The massage uses acupressure points to stimulate the meridian system, removing stagnant or overactive energy and the sequence is specifically designed to revitalise energy, quickly and effectively.

Please click here for more information about the benefits of massage

Payment Options

Sessions can either be paid for by the employer, the employee or can be subsidised by the employee, so sharing the cost.

Packages can be designed for individual requirements. Please contact us for details

How Often?

Again that comes down to individual requirements. Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly are recommended, but you can also organise a treat for your staff once or twice a year.

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