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Massage treatments available at Heaven Therapy.  All are available to book online or to buy as a gift voucher!

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Pregnancy Massage (60mins) £37

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (60mins) £30

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage (60mins) £35

Aromatherapy Back Massage (30mins) £22 or (60mins) £35

Bamboo Massage (60mins) £35 or (30mins) £22

Indian Head Massage (45mins) £25

Leg & Foot Massage (45mins) £25

Therapeutic Back Massage (60mins) £35 or (30mins) £22

Therapeutic Full Body Massage (60mins) £35

Hot Stone Full Body Massage (60mins) £40

Hot Stone Back Massage (30mins) £25

Ultimate Head to Toe Massage (90mins) £50

Deep Tissue Sports Massage (60mins) £40 or (30mins) £25

Back Massage and Kaeso Facial Combo (60mins) £30

Back Massage and Indian Head Combo (60mins) £30

Indian Head and Facial Combo (60mins) £30

All treatments available to book online or to buy as gift vouchers

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