New Dermalogica Retinol Product

As the new year kicks in and everyone is shouting and filling their social media feeds with “New Year New Me”. You have no ambition to join a gym or go back to watching YouTube meal prep videos. Out of the shadows comes Dermalogica, where it’s cape carrying a new product that’s already looking to be a really big hit with consumers. So let’s look at what is new.

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum

dynamic skin retinol serum new

The newest and most anticipated product, so far as our customers are already asking us about this. Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum has a higher percentage of Retinol of 3.5% that reduces the signs of ageing.

A fast acting Retinol serum that can visibly reduce the main 4 signs of ageing within just 2 weeks. Dermalogica did a study of 30 volunteers and after 2 weeks, the results were easy to see, like the image below. This is gentle enough for night time use with the high dose of retinol serum of 3.5% and soothing Squalane that will minimize the appearance of pores, tone and you will see fewer wrinkles around the areas that it is applied.

dynamic skin retinol serumHere we have found a quick video that shows the benefits of Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum. The video explains how powerful the serum is and the results that you will get just after 2 weeks. It’s quick acting and you won’t need to wait 6 weeks like some other products, you can see results really fast. Adding this into your night time skincare routine is going to be the best thing for your skin in 2023.

If you have struggled before, with wrinkle lines appearing around your eyes, then this could be the solution for you. If you have tried other products before but had much success, then you are going to love this product because of the higher percentage of Retinol. This is the highest amount compared to any previous serum.

We will stock it in our Newcastle beauty salon and our Online Beauty Store while stock lasts.

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