Mystery Shoppers Jobs

Mystery Shopper Jobs at Heaven Therapy Beauty Salon in Cullercoats, Tyne and Wear

Mystery Shopper Jobs Tyne and WearWe are an award winning salon based in Cullercoats, Tyne and Wear.

We are looking for Mystery Shoppers to help evaluate, improve or maintain our levels of customer service and care.


Why become a Mystery Shopper at Heaven Therapy Beauty Salon, Cullercoats

We need you to become a mystery shopping to find out what really happens in our treatments.  Your costs will be covered in full.  In return, all we ask is that you complete the follow-up survey which we send you as promptly as possible.

What Is A Mystery Shopper?

A mystery shopper is a consumer who is hired to shop in stores and collect data. Think of mystery shoppers as “undercover customers” sent in to observe, interact, and report on other customers and salon staff.. Appointments will be available for Mystery Shoppers Monday to Friday between 9am-6pm

Will The Therapist Know I Am A Mystery Shopper?

Absolutely not! That’s the whole idea.  We will simply provide you with a Gift Card to redeem for your treatment at your convenience within a particular window.

How Do I Become a Mystery Shopper at Heaven Therapy?

To take part, please complete the form below.  We will be in contact when an opportunity arises

What Do I Get For Being A Mystery Shopper?

You don’t get paid as such.  We provide you with a Prepaid Gift Card enabling you to book the treatment at no cost to yourself. We would then ask for your feedback afterwards in order to help us with therapist training and making changes to the salon to ensure we are maintaining our usual high level of care and customer service.