Damaged Skin – What To Look Out For

Many signs suggest skin may be damaged, the most popular include age spots, uneven skin tone, sensitivity, inflamed, pigmentation, spots, and redness. Rest assured the expert therapists at Heaven Therapy beauty salon in Benton, Four Lane Ends are on hand with lots of professional treatments to transform unhealthy skin. They will also offer advice and guidance on the most suitable professional skin care products to create what is known as a “skin barrier” to help keep delicate skin protected from day to day free radicals and environmental changes such as too humid or too dry environments.

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Create a Skin Barrier

Skin is made up of several layers, each of which has an important job to carry out. If you notice your skin is dry or scaly or you have developed sensitive or inflamed areas then this may be an indication your skin is not happy! Our range of effective Dermalogica facial treatments can restore your glow and leave your skin looking radiant & bright.

The three layers of tissue that make up the skin:

>Epidermis, the top layer
>Dermis, the middle layer
>Hypodermis, the bottom or fatty layer

Dermalogica Facials

Dermalogica facial treatments in our Tyne & Wear beauty salon, are designed to tackle everything from ageing, damaged skin, pigmentation issues and tired, stressed skin. Whatever your concern, you can rely on Heaven Therapy to deliver the best facial treatments in the Cullercoats & Tynemouth area.

You are in safe hands with our expert skin therapists. They will deliver a tailored treatment to suit your specific skin concern, leaving you feeling pampered, and your skin soothed & calm.

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 Skin Peels

Skin Peels (also known as ‘Skin Resurfacer Treatments’ or ‘Chemical Peels’) are an excellent way of improving lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tones and effectively increasing your cellular turnover. Skin Peel Treatments also stimulate collagen and elastin production and address sun damage.

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Discover The Benefits of Ultracalming Dermalogica Skincare

If you have sensitive skin, finding the right skincare products can be a challenge. But with Ultracalming Dermalogica, you can say goodbye to redness, irritation, and discomfort. Our gentle formulas are designed to soothe and calm even the most sensitive skin, leaving you with a healthy, radiant complexion. Discover the benefits of Ultracalming Dermalogica today at Heaven Therapy.

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