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Thai Hand & Foot Massage at Heaven Therapy Beauty Salon & Treatment Rooms in Cullercoats, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Thai Foot Massage Whitley BayThai massage combines assisted yoga with the relaxation of conventional massage. Influenced by both Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, it seeks to alleviate muscular pain, stimulate blood and lymph flow, aid digestion, and increase vitality. These ancient, These nurturing treatments promote prevention and longevity and they are among the oldest and most holistic medical systems that exist today.

Unlike most forms of massage, you remain clothed and lie on a futon mat on the floor, rather than on a table. Your skilled Heaven Therapy therapist will apply gentle yet firm pressure to your body using their palms, thumbs, and feet, and perform dynamic stretching of your limbs and back.

Similar to reflexology, these “reflex” or “energy” points link to the various organs of the body and run from the top of the head all the way to the soles of the feet. 

What Are The Benefits of Thai Massage?

Holistic massage is gently therapeutic and leaves you feeling physically relaxed and mentally uplifted. This is an effective massage to treat the whole body and works to remove toxins, boost the immune system, and aid relaxation. This invigorating and relaxing massage treatment is performed on the feet, lower legs, and hands. Thai hand & foot massage has many health benefits including reducing stress levels, easing tight muscles and sore joints as well as increased lymphatic drainage from the hands, feet, and lower leg.

Relieve Deep Muscle Tension

If you’re hoping to find massage techniques that can stretch your limbs like no other massage, then look to Thai massage techniques. The stretching involved with Thai massages can relieve deep muscle tension and help make limbs more limber.

Mental Relaxation

Countless studies support the health benefits of meditation and relaxation. Thai massage techniques are intended to help relax one’s mind and help fall into a meditative state. Much like Tai Chi or Yoga, the small but concentrated movements help put the mind in a state of full relaxation.

New Balance of Cortisol and Serotonin

Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, is a dreaded fellow. Serotonin, on the other hand, is the sought-after hormone that reduces stress and makes a brain feel happy. Thai massage techniques help release serotonin while reducing the amount of cortisol. Sounds like a great health benefit to us!

Beneficial for Pain Relief

In a study conducted by the Massage Therapy Foundation, massages were found to help reduce the pain of patients with scapulocostal syndrome over other types of therapy. Thai foot massages are increasingly popular for aches and pains in the feet

Circulation of Blood

Unlike a Swedish massage which keeps you in one position, the movement of a Thai massage helps force the circulation of blood to new areas of your body. The better circulation, the more oxygen your body can receive and the better it feels.

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*Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

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Salon Review
Just had an amazing Thai hand massage from Lindsey at Heaven Therapy, it was one of the most relaxing treatments I have ever had!! Felt all the tension in my hands melt away!! Thankyou Lindsey!